Welcome to the Pennsylvania Department of State’s voter complaint site. 

Fair and honest elections are the foundations of our republic, and everyone must take responsibility for helping to ensure the integrity of the process. With this in mind, we encourage voters who may be aware of election fraud or irregularities in Pennsylvania to report it.

This online election complaint form is provided for registered voters in Pennsylvania to submit a complaint to the voter’s county board of elections and/or district attorney.  The site is managed by the Pennsylvania Department of State, which oversees elections in Pennsylvania.  However, the Department of State has no authority to investigate or prosecute alleged election law violations. 

Information submitted with this complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for possible use in future investigations and/or prosecutions.  A complaint filed with this online form will not change the results of an election.

Notice:  This website monitors and captures ISP information.  By visiting this site, you consent to such monitoring.

You MUST be a Registered Voter: You must be registered to vote in Pennsylvania to file a complaint.  Therefore, the name and address information provided below will be checked against Pennsylvania’s statewide voter registration database to verify your voter registration.  To submit a complaint, make sure your name and address information is the same as that on your voter registration record. 

The information submitted below, including your personal information and details of your complaint, will be forwarded to a county board of elections and/or the district attorney for the county in which the incident being complained of occurred.  Therefore, you may be contacted in the future by the county board of elections and/or district attorney for more information regarding the complaint you submit today.

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Note:  Any information that is voluntarily submitted via our online databases is collected, utilized, and maintained by the Department for the express purpose of referring complaints to the appropriate county board of elections and/or the district attorney.  The disclosure of information provided with the online complaint system is voluntary; however, failing to provide certain information may result in the complaint not being appropriately filed.  The confidentiality of the complaint information you provide may be affected by state laws, and as such, we cannot guarantee that your complaint information will remain confidential.  

If you chose to file a complaint using the online system, you do so voluntarily and acknowledge that all information will be disseminated to a county board of elections and/or district attorney, which may or may not take action on the complaint you reported.  The Department does not have authority to conduct investigations into these matters and the Department does not participate in the decisions regarding which complaints may be investigated.  Therefore, the Department cannot make any representations or guarantees either express or implied as to the action that may or may not be taken on any complaint filed with the online system.

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